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Here is How to Grow Long Black Hair Fast

Here are a few methods on how to grow long black hair with highlights fast. First you need to protect the ends of your mane. This is crucial; you really want to take steps to keep them well moisturized. Use a herbal oil such as Mira hair oil to help you achieve the right sebum balance in your hair and scalp. Always use natural products that are free of chemicals like silicone. Always use a good conditioner to condition your black hair.

If you wish to know how to grow long hair black fast, you want to simply allow it to grow all natural. So limit the hair styles you use. You also want to stay away from blow-drying, using a flat iron. Use braids to help thicken you hair, many black women see hair growth when they braid their manes. You must make sure you only braid you real hair. Use other loose fitting hair style like wearing buns.

Never braid your mane with an extensions, it will tear and pull at your natural hair and cause hair loss. By far if you want to know how to grow long black hair fats you have to take steps to condition it with an arjuvedic hair growth oil. If you are looking for a high quality and good quality one-the best would be Mira hair oil. Apply the oil on your scalp and massage the oil onto my scalp and let it sit in for days at a time and it has made my hair grow super fast. A good way to push blood to the scalp and help grow your black mane is hand upside down for a few minutes; you can do a hand stand or simply lie on the ground with your feet hanging on the couch. It will increase blood flow and therefore hair growth.

Another great formula for growing black hair is to use a mayo conditioner which is done as follows. Mix 2 tablespoons of mayo with one tablespoon lemon juice and one egg. Beat them together and apply on your hair. Allow it to sit for an hour and then wash it out. You always want to stretch your relaxer sessions. So relax your hair every four months. And if you can stop using the relaxer all together. So there you have it, simple ways on how to grow long black hair fast. Follow them and you will have long black tresses in no time at all.

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