List of Gift Shops For Time Strapped South Rim Bus Travelers

OK, you’ve taken a tour bus to Grand Canyon National Park. You have approximately two to three hours to explore the South Rim. Most likely, you’ll take in several of the Park’s famous lookout points, snap photos, and eat a late lunch. Oh, and don’t forget the souvenirs.

Grand Canyon Village, the main “drag” on the South Rim, features a handful of excellent gift shops (all close together), offering everything from t-shirts and hats to Kachina dolls and DVD’s. Take a gander at this list if you’re in a time crunch. It’ll get you to the shop that meets your gift-buying needs:

Bright Angel Gift Store – Best souvenir shop for bus tourists. Located in the Bright Angel Lodge, it’s just right of the hotel lobby’s fireplace. Prices range from inexpensive to moderate. T-shirts, indigenous foodstuffs, books, postcards, calendars, DVD’s, hats. Even supplies for hiking and mule trips Qua tang cuoi nam Sangia vn. Check out the over-looked snack shop out back toward the Rim (cheap drinks, ice cream, candy). Open daily from 7am-10pm

Verkamp’s – Established in 1906, Verkamp’s was the home and business of the Verkamp family. It sells a limited number of souvenirs, books, and Native American handicrafts. Much of the shop’s floor space is by the visitor center and museum of pioneer history of Grand Canyon village. Verkamp’s is open daily 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Hopi House – Open since 1905, Hopi House is a unique Pueblo-style building housing the largest gift store on the South Rim. If you are looking for fine Native American handicrafts, this is the shop. Pottery, jewelry, blankets, sand paintings, and more. There’s a limited number of low-price souvenirs at Hopi House. Head upstairs to browse the art gallery. Open daily year-round, 8am to 5pm, additional open hours vary seasonally.

Lookout Studio – Eclectic best describes this gift shop. Hit this shop if you want a selection that differs from the other stores. Items include stuffed animals, pictures, post cards, rocks and minerals, jewelry, walking sticks, key chains and more. Open daily year-round, 9am to 5pm, additional open hours vary seasonally.

El Tovar – Upscale gift store located in the lobby of the posh El Tovar Hotel. Features clothing, jewelry, fine gifts, and more. visit the newsstand for snacks, sundries, postcards, and books. Open daily from 7am-10pm

Kolb Studio – Right next to the Bright Angel trail head. Great views from its observation deck. Mid-range priced souvenirs (hats, shirts, books, DVD’s, and more). Fine art gallery below.

Yavapai Observation Station – Small gift shop featuring mostly books, maps, and other assorted educational materials

Canyon View Information Plaza – Books ‘n’ More, the park’s largest bookstore, is just across the plaza from the park’s visitor and information center, and a short distance from Mather Point. Open daily year-round, 8am to 6pm, additional open hours vary seasonally.

Final Words – The majority of gift shops are located on a strip that starts from Bright Angel trailhead to the Visitor’s Center at Mather Point. You’ll find souvenirs priced to fit every budget. The best shop based on selection and price and location is Bright Angel Gift Shop. Hopi House is best for Native American handicrafts. For books, visit Books ‘n’ More at the Visitor’s Center at Mather Point.


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