Tujhse Hai Raabta update, November 5:

The most recent scene of Tujhse Hai Raabta starts with Swara asking Malhar that it has been over a year since he got hitched then for what reason does despite everything he rest on the couch. Before Malhar could address Swara’s inquiry, Kalyani drops her telephone accidentally. Swara sees the photograph of Radhe Shyam in Kalyani’s telephone and starts freezing Tujhse Hai Raabta. Malhar inquires as to whether she is okay however she doesn’t reply and flees to her room.

Malhar asks Asawari that what has happened to Swara. Asawari says that even she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what’s going on with her. Asawari reveals to Sarthak that Swara saw RadheShyam’s photograph in Kalyani’s telephone and she is stressed that Swara may tell Kalyani and Malhar everything. She at that point asks Sarthak to let her handle Swara in her manner for everybody’s improvement. Sarthak sees Anupriya looking somewhat stressed and inquires as to whether she is doing okay. Anupriya begins to feel that how might she ask Sarthak whether he represented a risk to Radhe’s life.

Asawari goes to Swara’s room and undermined her that on the off chance that she sets out to come clean, at that point she will ensure that Malhar and Kalyani pay the cost. Kalyani goes to Sarthak’s space to ask him a couple of inquiries identified with 26th July. She asks him what was he doing in Solapur the evening of 26th July. Sarthak gets stunned and begins to dither. She demands him to come clean with her as she doesn’t have some other method to demonstrate her mom’s blamelessness.

Sarthak severely calls Malhar and requests that he go to his room. He says that even Malhar should realize that Kalyani suspected him for being a killer. Malhar while strolling towards Sarthak’s room goes to the washroom and discovers Swara in an oblivious state alongside Atharva.

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